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Thursday, October 18, 2012

1902 and 1905 Rozelle/Dell Charters

Originally, Dell was called Rozelle. The first petition was filed on October 18,1902. . . .100 years ago today. . . .

Know all men by these present:
That I, W. F. Rozelle, hereby establish the attached plat as a town to be known and designated as Rozelle in Mississippi County, Arkansas . . .Now for and in consideration of the benefits accruing to me by reason of the establishing of said town and opening up of said streets and alleys, the said streets and alleys are hereby dedicated to the public use forever.
                Witness my hand and seal on this 18th day of October 1902.                  
 W. F. Rozelle

Petitioners filed the following with the Mississippi County Courthouse in Blytherville, Arkansas in 1905:

                Petition To Incorporate the Town of Dell, Arkansas, in the County court of Mississippi county, Arkansas
                To the Honorable L. D. Rozell, County Judge:
                Your petitioners would respectfully state and show unto your honor that they are legally qualified voters and residents in the territory hereinafter set out and sought to be formed into an Indorporated Town, as follows:
                1st. that the names hereunto annexed, being more than twenty in number, are a majority of the qualified voters residing in said territory:
                2nd. That they desire the territory hereinafter set out to be formed and created into an Incorporated Town to be known as “Dell”.
                3rd. That A. G. Little, attorney-at-law, is hereby appointed the agent and attorney for your petitioners for the purpose of presenting this petition to you Honor, and to represent your petitioners at the hearing thereof.
                4th. That an accurate map and plat of the territory sought to be formed and created into said Incorporated Town is herewith filed:
                5th. That the Territory herein sought to be formed and created into an Incorporated Town as aforesaid, is located, described and bounded as follow, to-wit: Commencing at the Fer. Corner on Pemiscot Bayou at N. W. corner of the NE1/4 of the NW1/4 Section 8-   T, 14-R, 10—thence along said Bayou northerly to where the lane between Jas. A. Hassell and T. J.        Richardson extended west would intersect said Bayou, thence east along said lane to line of Sec. 4, thence East ¼ mile into Sec 4, thence South to middle line of Sec 9, running East and Weat; thence along said line and the middle line of Sec 8 to where said line of Sec. 8 intersects the J. L. C. & E. R. R., thence along south side of said R. R. to North and South line between E1/2 of S. W. ¼ and W. ½ of S. W. ¼ Sec 8, thence North on line between R. J. Hays and w. F. rozell to Bayou and  starting Point.
                Wherefore, it is prayed by your petitioners, that you appoint and set a day for the hearing of this petition, and that at the said hearing the prayer of these petitioners be granted.

1.        J. H. Brown
2.        John Bradberry
3.        J. H. Beavers
4.        J. B. Richardson
5.        W. G. Pennington
6.        J. O. Thompson
7.        C. D. Kirkwood
8.        R. M Edmonson
9.        J. A. Perry
10.     A. R. Ellis
11.     B. J. Wright
12.     S. M. Saliba
13.     J. M. Cooper
14.     W. U. Baker
15.     L. Wright
16.     H. L. Frank
17.     Conrad Beavers
18.     Jas. R. Wright
19.     Wallace Perry
20.     E. A. Richardson
21.     W. H. Barton
22.     R. J. Joiner
23.     R. M. Ingram
24.     Vester Joiner
25.     W. A. Williams
26.     C. W. Southard
27.     S. D. Southard
28.     Will Ray
29.     J. G. Tadlock
30.     F. H. Beecroft
31.     John Ray
32.     John R. Riggs

Sources: MsCo Courthouse, Blytheville, AR
Photos by Dru:  Plat--MsCo Courthouse; Gentleman--Parkin Archeological State Park 2012