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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Delta Crossroads

Did you know there's a magazine that is about our own Northeast Arkansas Delta? It's called Delta Crossroads. Available quarterly, I can hardly wait for each issue to be published. . . .

Filled with features on local families and farms, history of the area, festivals, schedule of events and anything else to do with the Delta, each issue is a treat. . . .

The writers, for the most part, are from the Delta, so they understand the people and what's of interest to them. There's a sense of warmth and  "home" in every magazine. . . .

"I've lived in a few other places, and let's face it, the people in the Arkansas Delta are just special. There aren't many area where you find folks with the same easy laid-back nature, with a nod or a smile for just about everyone they meet, and with a sure warmth and friendliness toward others that lifts the spirit."
Editor's Letter, Naney Kemp 

I enjoy most the articles on area history--but it's not all about history. It's about our Delta--the place we do call "Home". . . .

There's three ways you can get a copy. 

It's free if you'll drop by the Town Crier News on Main Street in Manila, AR

It's also free in a digital version. There's a complete flip book available. Simply go to: http://www.deltacrossroads.com/  You'll also be able to view back issues at the website.

If you'd like the magazine delivered to your mailing address, a yearly subscription is available for $16 and can be delivered anywhere in the United States. Make checks of money orders to:

Delta South Publishing
P O Box 366
Rector, AR 72461

The Town Crier also has a free publication on the History of Buffalo Island. It's well worth reading--much of the history ties in with other places in Northeast Arkansas.

Just thought I'd pass this information on to you. . . .Hope you'll enjoy it!