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Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Few Early Maps and Plats

 A very early map of Crowley's Ridge. Note the topography of Mississippi County. Big Lake Highlands, Big Lake, Pemiscot Bayou, and Dogwood Ridge. Map was drawn before logging began.

In Northeast Arkansas ( including Mississippi County), the Osage claimed the area as their hunting grounds. The Osage lived in Missouri but hunted in Arkansas.  They were very territorial about that land and killed any trespassers. After the 1808 cession, other Native Americans began moving into the territory. Most Native Americans who hunted and/or lived in the Dell area were from Missouri, including Cherokee, Shawnee, Chickasaw, and Delaware.

From the original survey of Northeast Arkansas. Present-day Dell is located in the northwest quarter of Section 8. The original Dell (ca. 1895) was located north of Section 8 in Section 5. It was a community of approximately 200 people.

Another early survey, which includes the Roseland, Pettyville, Big Lake, Lost Cane, Whistleville, Little River areas.

Sources of information: Mississippi County Courthouse, Blytheville, AR; Early maps CD