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Friday, October 26, 2012

Dell School Board of Directors, District #23

J. H. Brinn

   Board of Directors, Dell School District #23

1896             John B. Richardson
                        John Perry
                        Robert Peterson
1911             G. A. Newport
                        J. D. Brown
W. P. Sheridan
Henry Bailey
1911-1913  Hiram Smith
                        E. W. Ballou
1911-1915  W. A. Osborne
1911-1916  J. A. Koehler
1912             J. W. Perry
                        A. J. Jarratt
                        S. M. Bailey
1913             W. D. Graves
                        J. L. Bettis
1913-1914  W. C. Grice
                        J. A. McConnell
1913-1914  Otto Bradberry
1914-1916  Abe White
1915-1917  S. V. Ragsdale
                        Joseph Grice
                        P. M. Nelson
1916             Abe Jones
1917             J. R. Barron
                        W. D. Graves
                        J. S. Naney
1916-1917  J. W. White
1920-1929  John Farley
                        J. W. Perry
                        C. F. Armstrong
1920-1948  E. M. Woodard
1926-1927  F. F. Martin
C. R. Gill
M. W. Lewis
1930-1931 C. G. Evans
                        J. H. Perry
1931-1932  Otto Bradberry
1933-1949  J. H. Brinn
1934-1935  L. M. Moody
1933-1941  Earl Magers
1945-1955  C. W. Garrigan
1946                         Sam Simmons

1946-1956  M. J. Koehler
1947-1975  John M. Stevens
1951-1966  C. A. Smith
1952-1962  M. R. Griffin
1953-1958  R. B. Crawford
1955-1960  H. Noble Gill
1955-1981  Max B. Riggs
1958-1963  Glen Cook
1960-1983  Curtis J. Loveless
1963-1975  Doyle Houston
1966-1979  Russell Simpson
1975-1980  Harold Lewis
1975-1984  Robert Payne
1979-1980  Clarence Crosskno
1980-1984  Donald L. Barnes
1980-1984  Magers Griffin
1983-1984  J. T. Tate
1984             Louis Lammers

If you have photos of any School Board Directors listed here, please email them to me, so I can share with everyone. . . .Thanks!