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Friday, January 18, 2013

Some Personal Memories from Elaine

I recently had an interesting email from Elaine. . . Her Dad was from Tomato, but they lived for a time in the Half Moon area. . . .

"Daddy was from Tomato! He and Mamma met in IL.  A tornado blew our home down in 1963 so  we packed up and came to Arkansas. I stared googled eyed thru the windows as we passed the fields watching them blazing with fire.  They were buring off what remained from the wheat for the cattel to be feed during winter as we went under the arch leaving Missouri entering Arkansas; Steele!!!  I shall always have that vision in my mind. 
We stayed with my daddy's sister, Aunt Eddy and my beloved Uncle Audie Dunham of Tomato, Arkansas!!!  As we crossed over that levy and I saw house built on those tall stilts; oh, my my---   "MAMA!!!"    "What, child?"  "What's that? Why are those house's on stick's" I cried ever so confused...   "Honey, the farm land is so rich here you see."   Well, that may be;  but in my mind I all ways figured personally I would rather get up a bit earlier and ride further to live in a home that didn't flood every winter. Back then people had respect, looked out for one another, had Barn-raisers etc.  Didn't lock their doors - left widows open for the fresh air and breezes..... oh, well;  I'm suppose to be focus on Halfmoon and Dell so rein me back now please;
When first arriving in Arkansas we stayed in Tomato, rented in Blytheville, my parents purchased a home in Blytheville and then---Daddy and Mamma purchased two houses from an Urban Renewal Program and had them toted out in the soybean fields; set them just so apart and joined them making two rooms that connecting BINGO a HOME!!!  Now a new problem  what "district" did we belong {what word applies --- preplexing now } Today I still do not know WHAT where that property was called, Half-moon.  Judy Freeman lived with her Aunt, Larry Buck was on my bus route and Johnny Sikes was accoss the cotton field.  When I got off the Gosnell Bus and crossed the wooded bridge, walked infront of their hog/pig pen; my brother and I would stop and used our thorat and tounges to "Oiank" at 'em" then we'd have ta run 'cause man they'd charge @ us!!!
Dell did not have a bus that stop in front of  OUR plot of land we were told.  And the Gosnell bus would only come to the bridge and turn around, but not cross it!!!
After oh, maybe 2 six week terms, we did transfer to Dell School System.
And Gosnell... well ended up were were enrolled!!!
I think one of the cutest memories is the Tiny Post Office in Tomatoe, a Courier News Paper article,  "Post Office size of Out House"  wish I'd cliped that one!!!
Biggest Heart Ache---The Levy  --- My memories   sitting in Circle with everyone; some pickin' guitars, Where have all the flowers gone...how many miles must a man walk befor he can be called a man...;  children sliding down that beautilful levy on cardboard--- and at the end  the trees and a massive one had fallen, I walked accross with a pickinc basket & blanket; had lunch among the cows while watchin' the cow graze....
Yes, I use refuse when told you can never go home...
We had a class reunion for Class reunion of 1975, and they we demoing the gym that Saturday,
Mercy, Mercy me; Lands Sakes Alive, What Can I Say, What Is A Body To Do or Say...."
 Thanks for sharing with us! Love your memories. . . .