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Friday, March 22, 2013

Mississippi County's Best Kept Secret--The Museum in Osceola

"On June 20, 1901, Mr. Fred G. Patterson purchased the lot where the 1902 Fred G. Patterson Store Building sits on, for the sum of $250.00. This area of town was referred to a 'New Town'. After two years of successful business in 'New Town' Osceola, Mr. Patterson purchased the adjoining lot #4 from W. H. and Lou Pullen, also for the sum of $250.00, paid in cash on April 18, 1904. . . .In 1904, he moved the Fred G. Patterson Store into his new building. . . .used as the Patterson Dry Good Store until 1987. . . ."


"Miss Lonetta Patterson made a gift of the 1902-1904 buildings to the Mississippi County Historical & Genealogical Society on November 21, 1993 in memory of Henry J. Patterson. By her request, these buildings will always be used for a Historical Center, not just a museum. Permanent exhibits are on display for the enjoyment of the citizens of Mississippi County and the American public."

Did you know about this museum in Osceola?
They have a wealth of information on Mississippi County, Arkansas
and the displays are a delight--taking you back to the early 20th Century,
when life was a lot different from today.

It's a wonderful resource for all Mississippi County residents,
as well as those interested in our Delta Heritage.
The admission cost couldn't be better. . . .It's free!

See and learn about the museum itself, as well as life in the Delta. . . .

Use their resources for genealogy research. . . .

Learn about the Mighty Mississippi
and how it affected the development of our county. . .

In addition, each month the museum focuses on a special topic. . . .
This month of March is Women's History Month,
Where. . . .

I was very honored to be included for our work
at the Widner-Magers Farm Historic District, north of Dell.

John and I spent several hours this week at the Mississippi County Museum and highly recommend it to everyone. It's Mississippi County's best kept secret. . . .but, we want to get the word out! So, hop in your car and get over there! You'll find the folks are friendly, knowledgeable and brimming over with that southern Delta charm.

Open: Monday-Friday, 10:00-4:00 p.m.

Visit their website at: