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Friday, November 14, 2014

Many Early Settlers Lived in Log Houses

In 1823, William Hector moved his family living in  Missouri to a log house built on an ancient Indian mound just east of Big Lake and close to present-day Dell. . .They were of Native American blood but living as whites. . .William knew the area well. . .It had been the hunting grounds of his people for many years. . .When Missouri made it unlawful for Native Americans to live in their state, the Hectors decided to move to Arkansas. . .READ MORE

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mississippi County, Arkansas Census in 1911

Dell was incorporated in 1905. . .Most residents at that time were associated with logging or the railroad. . . .By 1911, farmers were moving in to claim the cheap overcut land. . . .Wilson began as a plantation town--owned by R. E. L. Wilson. . . .Burdette was also a plantation.
The census seems low, but within a few years, there was be a boom in population for the entire county as farmers, tenants, and sharecroppers moved in to till the rich, alluvial soil. . . .Earl Magers--my grandfather--was one of them, arriving in Dell with his family in 1916. . . .They came from Missouri in a covered wagon. . . .just as many others arrived.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taming Mississippi County: Hard Times in Northeast Arkansas CD On Sale Now!

A mix of Narratives and Songs about growing up in the
Arkansas Delta by Joe Chipman.
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There's also the story behind the CD and a link to
the photo shoot for Joe's second CD at the Duncan Farmstead.